Virgo – August 22 – September 22

Virgo the VirginVirgo Symbol

Virgo the Virgin

Virgo the Virgin

  • Symbiotic animal – Hagfish
  • Spiritual Appliance – Disinfecting UV scanner
  • Symbolic Handtool – Hemorrhoid forceps
  • Spiritual Stone – Ice cube.

Virgo have considerable charm and dignity and are very hygienic. With thrifty ways and a clear head, they are desired mini-market managers coast to coast. Virgo are sensible, well spoken, wise and witty, but often have facial scars due to getting smacked by the victims of their wicked tongue. Virgo can have a sharp eye for the defects of everyone and typically are avoided by many. Their tediously irritating power of finding fault can isolate them socially and romantically. A “love ’em and leave ’em” attitude is often offset by a mental agility with crossword puzzles, Sudoku and video games. These allow Virgo to productively fill the hours of a solitary life. Virgo is discreet and by nature secretive and are regularly recruited by secret government and criminal organizations. An extreme attention to detail make Virgo a possible candidate for OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) medication. Known for above average healing power, Virgo make excellent large animal vets. With their prudish rep it takes hard work to win the love of Virgo and most give up. Once you have won their love you might wonder why you bothered. A Virgo fixation with the perfection of technique rather than passion is not always appreciated. Lack of body odor is one of your most endearing qualities.
Preferred career paths; Mob accountant, health inspector, contract killer, Botox technician, traffic cop, grand inquisitor, germaphobe, restroom attendant.

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