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Pneumatic Astrology — Hot Astro Projections are here!!

It’s the newest thing around. No more nambi pambi, sugar and sweet. Flaky positive thinking? Not here, this is the gritty torrid Astro Pneumatic truth, warts and all. We at the Protocol thought it was about time to give people the grim truth about what’s in store for them. The future isn’t pretty, so why […]

IFE over population suggests lack of world sanity

Rare IFE Photo

Experts claim IFE over-population is due to an increasingly complicated and dangerous world. This answers earlier speculation of mass IFE extinction in the late eighties. At the time some urged the IFE to be placed on a kind of endangered entity list. This caused an uproar within the psychology community since the IFE or Imaginary […]

The Nomination Game – The Good, the Lame and the Forgotten

Once again the Presidential race is upon us and both parties nominating conventions are over. Once again the hopeful politicians and non-politicians that lined up to become the Republican Party nominee have fallen off the face of the planet. Is it an episode of Twilight Zone? A 48 Hour Mystery? There were so many. So […]


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