Monthly Archives: June 2012

Osama Sightings Increase


Ever since the demise of Osama Bin Laden was announced, sightings of the Al Queda leader have begun to appear. Some liken this to the many sightings of pop idol Elvis Presley, presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. In Gingrich’s case, some claim they’ve witnessed him running for the Republican […]

Emo Parking Purposed

Leaders of the emotionally challenged community are urging local municipalities and their elected officials to set aside parking spots for the emotionally handicapped. They may not use a cane or wheelchair but are equally incapable of dealing with overcrowded parking say advocates. Sandra Krakuyup, an ECC leader, claims the social and personal costs outweigh any […]

Predictions for 2014 & beyond


The future isn’t easy. It’s revealed in bits and pieces spread over a period of time. I’m the first to admit that my predictions kinda slide in there like a curve ball. I was laughed at in 2000 when I predicted that a Republican administration would inherit a balanced budget and go into debt to […]

IAD can lead to Brain Damage

Computer Monster

According to a study conducted in China, an “addiction” to the Internet can lead to structural damage of your brain. In fact as you read this blog, you are destroying millions of brain cells in a kind of cellular interneticide. The researchers studied 17 teenagers with Internet Addiction Disorder or IAD and found that each […]

Pneumatic Astrology — Hot Astro Projections are here!!

It’s the newest thing around. No more nambi pambi, sugar and sweet. Flaky positive thinking? Not here, this is the gritty torrid Astro Pneumatic truth, warts and all. We at the Protocol thought it was about time to give people the grim truth about what’s in store for them. The future isn’t pretty, so why […]

IFE over population suggests lack of world sanity

Rare IFE Photo

Experts claim IFE over-population is due to an increasingly complicated and dangerous world. This answers earlier speculation of mass IFE extinction in the late eighties. At the time some urged the IFE to be placed on a kind of endangered entity list. This caused an uproar within the psychology community since the IFE or Imaginary […]

Dream Interpretation offers rare opportunity

Dreamscape Cranial Diagram

There’s money in them thar’ lobes! Big money according to some. Dream interpretation is becoming the next big thing! As big as EST was in the ’70’s, spirit channeling in the ’80’s, investing in the stock market in the ’90’s? Bigger and more lucrative is the answer. Why? Everyone dreams. Whether they want to admit […]

The Nomination Game – The Good, the Lame and the Forgotten

Once again the Presidential race is upon us and both parties nominating conventions are over. Once again the hopeful politicians and non-politicians that lined up to become the Republican Party nominee have fallen off the face of the planet. Is it an episode of Twilight Zone? A 48 Hour Mystery? There were so many. So […]


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