Osama Sightings Increase

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Ever since the demise of Osama Bin Laden was announced, sightings of the Al Queda leader have begun to appear. Some liken this to the many sightings of pop idol Elvis Presley, presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. In Gingrich’s case, some claim they’ve witnessed him running for the Republican Presidential nomination. Otherwise, here are a few pictures circulating through the internet of Bin Laden sightings that the mainstream media is ignoring. Strangely he seems to appear at or be ‘attracted’ to political events. What is that is about? Really, what could be more tedious? We turned to resident know it all, Mr. Bobblehead. “The ectoplasmic nature of the dead is a misunderstood subject. Hell, I don’t even get it. That being said, it is not that unusual. He’s dead for God’s sake. Probably trapped in some kind of haunting or curse.  Basically the soulless that are condemned to walk the earth are invisible to most of us because they take on the “look” of those around them. Most people would not necessarily recognize him because he doesn’t look like “Osama”. Only “sensitives”, some young children or highly trained “ghost hunters” can spot the dead walking among us. Film Cameras would sometimes record a disturbance, a foggy image occasionally. They are usually out of focus. Haven’t you looked at a bunch of snaps and one guy, usually in the background, is out of focus when no one else is? Can’t make out the face exactly. This often happens at picnics, social gatherings, etc.  High school reunions are a favorite. How often have you seen a former classmate and remarked ‘I thought he died in some ambush in Uganda or jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge’? Somehow digital cameras can record the actual ‘personage’ as they appeared in their former life. And hell, I thought it was photoshop that got all the good “dead” images.” Well’ there you have it. The Bobblehead has spoken. We will post more Osama “snaps”as they are “discovered”. Anyone with a photograph they may think is Osama, please send it to Protocol.


The Succotash editorial staff is a brilliant if uneven lot. They come and go as they please, disappear for weeks on end and in general display erratic behaviors the Protocol has no control over. In their defense they can be found picking up the occasional minimum wage job (handing out flyers being a popular gig), nursing the occasional hangover or in line at the free clinic picking up their meds. We love them despite their personal foibles.

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