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Aryan ProfileMany ask, “Dieter, what’s it like to be a part of the superior race?” They are surprised when I inform them that it isn’t easy being “superior” 24/7. You must dress impeccably, be up on current events and have an intelligent opinion on pretty much any subject. People expect too much. I can’t be a slob at Home Depot buying a tasteless kitchen faucet or a bag of manure. I may be superior, but I’m still human. Some questions are well intended, but too many are redundant and quite irritating. Especially when the same questions are asked over and over again. For example, there is a great curiosity about my bodily functions. Of course I use a toilet. I have the same disposal needs, disgusting as they may be, as everyone else.

I have come to realize how badly informed the public is. Many are just curious and want to know more. This is why I’ve taken on this column to help dispel the many myths and false ideas that the average Joe and Josey have in this informational vacuum. I promise to do my best to answer any reasonable question without throwing a snit.

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