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Organic Weight Loss

Organic Weight Loss

“There are no facts, only interpretation”……… Frederich Nietzsche

Mr. Bobblehead is here to help all that are confused by the overload of information coming down the pike. Plus the constant flow of unending personal quandaries, predicaments we all find ourselves in from time to time. What to do with obnoxious relatives? Cheating spouses? Crazed teenagers? Questionable surgical procedures? Undesirable corpse lying about? I, Mr. Bobblehead, promises to “think outside the box” and give a unique (not necessarily correct) answer to your particular problem.  I do science, religion, philosophy, plumbing and auto repair, pre-1970. I confess, I’m a trivia factoid. If I can’t kill a rumor, I’ll start a better one. We as a society need creative rumors because the truth is getting so tedious. And unlike many, if I can’t find the correct answer I’ll make up a pretty good substitute. Remember the “Aspertame cures cancer” rumor?

Maybe not, it didn’t catch fire like I expected, but it did shake up a few, a very few. It did get me thinking about other food additives. Some are now considered not only benign, but good for you and crazily help fight cancer. Who would have thunk that the nefarious food preservative, BHT,

Female Hysteria Cure

Female Hysteria

is being given to people to cure herpes? http://thegrove.mywowbb.com/forum3/1177.html Crazy huh? The world is crazy so Mr. Bobblehead is here to help you weed through the BS, (and maybe help create some). Pop wisdom, the newest whatever, comes and goes like a malodorous breeze. Remember John Kellogg? (yes, he, with brother Will, invented They're happy because they eat lardthe health food of it’s time, Corn Flakes. This led to popular childrens health foods, Coco Puffs and Capt. Crunch). Kellogg started the Battle Creek Sanitarium, where the upper classes would go to take the “health” cure. The “health” therapies offered included radium enemas. Yes, radium enemas were the newest and the coolest use of Madame Curie’s wonder drug, radioactive Radium. Beware of fads, children. Yet some old school stuff is coming back into favor. Blood sucking leeches, so ridiculed for years, are making a surprising come back. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/bloodysuckers/leech.html Someday my seminal work, the Beverly Hills Adjacent Diet (based on bacon fat) will be accepted by health professionals and the public at large. This idea came from the Woody Allen futurist movie, “Sleeper”. One genius inspiring another is the synergistic connection we all have to capitalize on. So ask away, my friends. Who knows what we might come up with. Possibly the answer to answer all? Some rumor that will go viral? And the Lord sayeth, “Let all thee questions and questions of questions and rumors of rumors flow to the Bobblehead.” No promises, but it could be fun.





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