Taurus – April 21 – May 20

Taurus the bullTaurus Symbol

Taurus the Bull

Taurus the Bull

  • Symbiotic Animal – Boll weevil
  • Spiritual Appliance – George Foreman Grill
  • Symbolic Handtool – Electric cattle prod
  • Spiritual Stone – Salt lick.

No one is more persistent and steadfast than Taurus. They excel at work because Taurus understands the importance of method, order and mind numbing repetition. Typically Taurus is easy going and enjoys a good laugh, particularly if it’s their own joke. They are known to be faithful and loyal, often to those that deserve it least. As a rule thinking outside the box is an unknown concept to Taurus. They tend to be practical and set in their ways. Their inflexibility is often misinterpreted as a lack of intelligence when they are merely dull-witted. Change, a disruption of the “norm” generally makes them tense and nervous. As a result they commonly suffer from “sweaty palm” syndrome or develop a very unattractive skin condition. At times they feel manipulated by others and usually are. If they start acting out, complaining that these “others” are the CIA, FBI, little green men or perhaps they are being stalked by Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts, just humor them until the paramedics turn up. Taurus are amorous and romantic and can refer to themselves as Dr. Love or “the love machine” and occasionally “hot moma”. No one else does. Often materialistic, Taurus tend to have the newest and coolest and aren’t afraid of showing off their bad taste to anyone who will pay attention. Irritating as they may be, no one can stay angry these sentimental fools. Snorting and grunting are some of your most endearing qualities.
Preferred career paths;Gynecologist, contract attorney, Catholic nun, statistician, nightclub bouncer, toll bridge attendant, tuba repair, woodland troll. Taurus – April 21 – May 20

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