Libra – September 23 – October 22

Libra the Scales of Balance

Libra the Scales of Balance

 Libra is the scales of balanceLibra sm symbol

  • Symbiotic animal – Amoeba
  • Spiritual Appliance – Self-cleaning oven
  • Symbolic Handtool – Monotone headphones
  • Spiritual Stone – Sinsemilla

Libra is balance. They work as hard as they relax. Which should send up some early warning signals. They are naturally kind, gentle, lovers of beauty and the good life. Easy going to a fault, their casual indifference is sometimes read as being snobby or over-medicated when it’s really just apathy. With grace and charm, they can be social climbers who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals – employee of the month perhaps or head of the PTA refreshment sub-committee. Following the crowd is more typical of this social butterfly. If lucky, the Libra love of pleasure can lead to a life of debauchery and promiscuity rather than their usual banal fate. Love and marriage is important to Libra, but expect to be dropped like a hot potato if you veer too far over the imaginary line of acceptability. They want no muss or fuss. Some Libra seek perfection in everything, which can make life dreadful for everyone. If you marry a Libra, your perfect home may be filled with art and music and furniture you can’t sit on, carpet you can’t walk on, cars that can’t be driven. But don’t take it too seriously. It’s more about appearance than actual perfection. Occasionally a spendthrift, don’t let a Libra handle the finances, bankruptcy and foreclosure could be around the corner. The Home Shopping Network can also prove problematic. Uniformity, monotony and boredom are all a part of life and Libra embraces them with gusto. Fear of dirt and social embarrassment are some of your most endearing qualities.
Preferred career paths; Wedding planner, public safety officer, large appliance sales, odor evaluator, family counselor, WalMart greeter, pole dancer, welfare recipient. Libra – September 23 – October 22

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