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Mr. Bobblehead

Mr. Bobblehead or as he likes to be called by his friends, Mr. Bobblehead, is an auto-didact that was raised by wolves. Or that's what he claims. He has attended some the best community colleges across the the country and has one of the finest minds they have produced. He has at least 6 or 7 Associate of Arts degrees, he's not sure exactly. Together they should add up to a PH.D in General Trivia. But who's bragging? Facts fall out of him like pigeon droppings. Kind of messy, but there they are. The Editorial Staff doesn't have the time or inclination to check out every claim he's made. They may be a little crusty, but look reasonable.

Predictions for 2014 & beyond


The future isn’t easy. It’s revealed in bits and pieces spread over a period of time. I’m the first to admit that my predictions kinda slide in there like a curve ball. I was laughed at in 2000 when I predicted that a Republican administration would inherit a balanced budget and go into debt to […]


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