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Editorial Staff

The Succotash editorial staff is a brilliant if uneven lot. They come and go as they please, disappear for weeks on end and in general display erratic behaviors the Protocol has no control over. In their defense they can be found picking up the occasional minimum wage job (handing out flyers being a popular gig), nursing the occasional hangover or in line at the free clinic picking up their meds. We love them despite their personal foibles.

Osama Sightings Increase


Ever since the demise of Osama Bin Laden was announced, sightings of the Al Queda leader have begun to appear. Some liken this to the many sightings of pop idol Elvis Presley, presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. In Gingrich’s case, some claim they’ve witnessed him running for the Republican […]

Pneumatic Astrology — Hot Astro Projections are here!!

It’s the newest thing around. No more nambi pambi, sugar and sweet. Flaky positive thinking? Not here, this is the gritty torrid Astro Pneumatic truth, warts and all. We at the Protocol thought it was about time to give people the grim truth about what’s in store for them. The future isn’t pretty, so why […]


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