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NL Blough

An itinerant worker within the film industry who suffers from cinemaphobia. He's our editor so send all grammatical and spelling errors to him. He is currently enrolled in a Spell Check class.

Unicorn Meat? Great Products…

Unicorn Meat? Yodelling Pickle? Zombie Jerky? and more. This a quick review of the many wondrous products that offered to the public through the magic of the internet. Some of these items are must haves while others demand a more discriminating taste.

Emo Parking Purposed

Leaders of the emotionally challenged community are urging local municipalities and their elected officials to set aside parking spots for the emotionally handicapped. They may not use a cane or wheelchair but are equally incapable of dealing with overcrowded parking say advocates. Sandra Krakuyup, an ECC leader, claims the social and personal costs outweigh any […]

Dream Interpretation offers rare opportunity

Dreamscape Cranial Diagram

There’s money in them thar’ lobes! Big money according to some. Dream interpretation is becoming the next big thing! As big as EST was in the ’70’s, spirit channeling in the ’80’s, investing in the stock market in the ’90’s? Bigger and more lucrative is the answer. Why? Everyone dreams. Whether they want to admit […]


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