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Moratz Debutal

What can be said about the wizard of the Protocol, Moratz Debutal. He's always on the move, searching for the best story or lead, sending in a byline at all hours of the night. Though he's rarely seen in the office, his presence is always felt. Spy software is our best guess. Always busy, the staff manages a few fun activities including a betting pool for what States Debutal has outstanding warrants in. This is his first try at running a publishing empire. He won't reveal much else. Sometimes an obscure reference to a coup de' etat is mentioned when ordering certain ethnic foods. Nothing we've been able to verify. Whether on the road or texting across the street, he's our fearless leader. Plus he signs the checks.

The Nomination Game – The Good, the Lame and the Forgotten

Once again the Presidential race is upon us and both parties nominating conventions are over. Once again the hopeful politicians and non-politicians that lined up to become the Republican Party nominee have fallen off the face of the planet. Is it an episode of Twilight Zone? A 48 Hour Mystery? There were so many. So […]


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